Tree nursery: where YOU are the caregiver!

Here's what to expect:

Propagating and growing trees

Grafting an cultivating new varieties

Pruning trees and shrubs

Using machinery to work the land

Arranging sales areas

Marketing and selling products

Advising customers and sharing design tips

Open-air classroom

There are no bottles, no blankets, and caregiving takes place outdoors: a tree nursery has nothing to do with naps or nappies. The "children" here have branches and leaves — and you can be the one to raise them. Deciduous and coniferous trees dominate most tree nurseries, but fruit trees, ornamental shrubs and roses can be found here as well. Here saplings and more mature trees learn to develop a straight trunk and healthy branches along with plenty of lush leaves, beautiful blossoms and delicious fruit.

For people with initiative and creativity

Horticulturists in tree nurseries are experts in a variety of areas. They know how to cultivate colourful new varieties of roses and properly prune trees. They defend their plants against harmful pests and know how to conjure many new trees from a single twig. Customers are constantly asking them for advice on replanting their gardens. All this makes the career of nursery horticulturist a varied one. Sometimes horticulturists work among lime trees, apple trees or magnolias in the midst of nature in the planting fields; at other times they may decorate sales floors or advise hobby horticulturists and shoppers.

Many specialisms

Being a nursery horticulturist also offers many opportunities to specialise. Those with skilled hands and artistic flair may try raising bonsai trees. Keeping decades-old trees pocket-sized and situating them in picturesque miniature landscapes is a highly regarded art far beyond the shores of Japan. Those who prefer large machines may be interested in planting big trees. And those who like to rise above it all may find a job they love among blooming, sweet-smelling climbing plants. But one thing is true of all nursery horticulturists: whether in parks or private gardens, in fruit orchards or the city centre, their one-time wards can be found everywhere — and they've grown up nicely.

Video: The Tree Nursery Horticulturist

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