Few occupations offer as much variety as horticulture. Young people who love plants, have a sense of aesthetics and are good with their hands have the ideal attributes for an apprenticeship in horticulture.

Modern technology has made hard physical work outdoors, in a greenhouse or on the sales floor much easier. As a result, today's horticulturists learn not only how to work with plants but also how to operate computers and special equipment and how to properly advise customers and close sales.

A flourishing apprenticeship in a rapidly growing field

As a growing trade, horticulture offers good future prospects for young people. The stress of our hectic everyday lives heightens our yearning for nature and our demand for garden products. Fresh fruits and vegetables, flowering decorative plants, gardens, parks, care of cemeteries — all are testimony to the creativity and inventiveness of horticulturists. Depending on your preferences and interests, there are seven sub-disciplines of horticulture to choose from in the areas of plant cultivation, services and retail.

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