A career as a horticulturist: Go green!

Green is sexy

Why is it that we all look forward so much to summer? Okay, there's the sunshine. The start of the barbecue and party season. Swimming pools are open again. But who wants to loll around on an expanse of asphalt, or fire up the grill in a concrete desert? A big part of what makes summer so delightful is the way nature has come to life all around us. The fresh greenery of trees and shrubs, the brilliant colours and sweet smell of flowers simply put us in a good mood — and for much of it we have horticulturists to thank. It's no wonder, then, that so many people view horticulture as a veritable dream job. 


A vocation for self-starters

And they're right. Few occupations offer so much variety as horticulture and its sub-disciplines. Each specialism demands not only craftsmanship and expertise, but also creativity and team spirit. Horticulturists not only bring joy to many people, they also display a real can-do spirit. They take responsibility and contribute their own ideas, they take decisions on their own and as part of a team, they know how to present and sell goods and advise customers. They know their plants, but also their soils and fertilisers, and they're never at a loss when it comes to protecting their gardens from pests and weeds. 


A trade with growth potential

Horticulture is for tough guys? Don't worry, it's not that bad. True, horticulture is no desk job — but that's just what makes it such an appealing vocation. Modern greenhouse technology makes the horticulturist´s work easier, and specialised equipment is available for construction sites too — tech fans will be fascinated. Those who like to work outdoors and see what they've accomplished at the end of the day are in just the right place. You want more? You can have more! A master craftsman's certificate, for example, or a state technical examination certificate once you've gathered enough experience and completed the proper exam. You can even study horticulture or landscape architecture at university and earn a bachelor's or master's degree. That's how you build a career in the "green trade".