Ornamental plant growing: we add colour to people's lives

Here's what to expect:

Cultivating ornamental plants with the latest production technology

On-schedule, environmentally friendly production in the greenhouse and in the field

Propagating, potting, planting and cultivating ornamental plants

Selecting soils, fertilisers, seed stock and seedlings and using them to achieve objectives

Sorting, packing and preparing ornamental plants for transport

Styling ornamental plants for sale

Sales and advising customers

A splash of colour!

Grey balconies and empty windowsills. Homes undecorated by leaves and flowers. A nice bouquet for your birthday? Forget it!

This is what life might look like if there were no ornamental plant horticulturists. Whether it's brilliant blooms in flowerbeds and on balconies, bright green house plants or cut flowers, they all come from the hallowed halls of ornamental plant nurseries. In open fields and especially in enormous, spacious greenhouses, hundreds of species are raised, cultivated and prepared for sale. 

Deceiving the seasons

This might, for example, mean bringing all the primroses in a greenhouse to bloom in precisely the same week in February, because after the long winter customers are starving for a little colour — and of course they want to see what colour they're buying. "This is madness", any normal primrose would say, because out in the open it would not bloom until much later. Fortunately, clever ornamental plant growers know plenty of tricks to make flowers bloom earlier. They are helped by modern greenhouse technology, which they must know very well to keep the plants thriving. 

From advising customers to greening rooms

The range of jobs for ornamental plant growers is broad. Some companies raise only seedlings or young plants — of geraniums, fuchsia or poinsettias, for example — which they then sell to other nurseries. Some suppliers specialise in stylish indoor plants. Others cultivate gerbera in many brilliant colours and with extra-long stems for flower shops. And naturally many ornamental plant growers also work in sales, for example in large retail nurseries. They arrange the many attractive plants and lovely accessories in these shops, advise customers and put together flower arrangements as gifts. And that makes many people's lives a bit nicer. 

Video: The Ornamental Plant Grower