University study in landscape architecture/design

Studium Landschaftsarchitektur/Landschaftsbau

Candidates who wish to study landscape architecture or landscape design should complete the required period of practical experience in garden and landscape construction or at a tree or perennial nursery. Vocational training in one of the three sub-disciplines or a corresponding internship is an ideal preparation. A technical college leaving certificate or general matriculation standard is also required. 

The study course aims to prepare students to plan, design and build open spaces in urban centres and in the landscape on a scientific basis. Depending on the institution, the focus may be on landscape and spatial planning, regional development, landscape design, historic garden conservation, environmental planning, ecology or nature conservation and landscape development. The study course is completed after six to eight semesters of regular study with a final examination, a bachelor's thesis and the title Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering. 

The master's programme builds on the bachelor's degree. The course generally takes at least two and at most four semesters. Studies may focus on landscape design involving water or traffic systems, project planning and construction management or a combination of landscape architecture and current topics in art.  Depending on this focus, the course culminates with a master's thesis and the title Master of Science, Master of Arts or Master of Engineering.