University study in horticulture

Studium Gartenbau

An apprenticeship as horticulturist is an excellent preparation for university study in horticulture. At a minimum, however, a pre-study internship is required to enter a bachelor programme at an university, together with a technical college leaving certificate or general matriculation standard. The curriculum covers plant production, marketing and associated services. The study course culminates in six or eight semesters with a bachelor's thesis and the title Bachelor of Science.

Horticulture can also be studied under the dual system, in which the student pursues an apprenticeship as a horticulturist while concurrently studying at one of the universities in Germany that offers dual study programmes. The dual study course results in two diplomas: the bachelor's degree and a certificate as horticulturist in a given sub-discipline.

The master's programme builds on the bachelor's degree. The course normally takes at least two and at most four semesters. It is designed to prepare students for a career in scientific research and teaching or work requiring a specific skill set. The course culminates with a master's thesis and the title Master of Science.

A detailed video about university-level studies in horticultural sciences can be viewed here. For more information on university-level studies in horticulture see