Garden and landscape construction: shaping nature as part of a team

Here's what to expect:

Preparing, arranging and surveying construction sites

Remediating and caring for soil

Irrigation and drainage work

Building pavements and paved areas

Working with stone, wood and metal

Planting and caring for trees, shrubs and summer flowers

Seeding lawns, laying turf

Greening roofs and façades

Conservation and landscape care

Creative and hands-on

Some people paint landscapes — we shape them! As soon as you set foot outside your door, you have entered the realm of landscape gardening. The women and men who choose this sub-discipline of horticulture join a team of all-rounders. In garden and landscape construction, creative types are just as important as those with a hands-on approach. Whether putting in a private garden or beautifying a large park, whether a city is renovating a sports field or building a playground, landscape horticulturists make their clients' wishes come true.

Variety and expertise

Landscape horticulturists have no problem meeting technical challenges such as securing pavements and embankments or restoring a natural stream, but they also have extensive knowledge of plants and know how to prune trees or build and care for flower beds and green spaces. Many not only carry out projects for landscape architects but also offer their own horticulture consulting services.

Variety and good prospects

Because landscape horticulture is such a multifaceted vocation, there are numerous specialised firms. Their employees may build swimming pools, specialise in green façades and roofs or love their work as arboriculturist or greenskeepers. In winter many landscape horticulture businesses operate snowploughs to keep the roads clear and safe. Technician, master craftsman, bachelor's degree, master's degree … those so inclined after finishing their apprenticeship can rapidly expand their expertise and open up new (career) prospects.

Always new challenges to tackle

Unlike most other greenery specialists, landscape horticulturists work outdoors nearly year-round and in many different places. It's a perfect job for people who don't mind a little rough weather, enjoy variety and look forward to pointing out places throughout the city and landscape where they've left their green mark.

Video: The Landscape Horticulturist