What requirements must I meet for an apprenticeship?

The minimum requirement is a primary school leaving certificate (Hauptschulabschluss). Higher academic qualifications will improve your chances of obtaining an apprenticeship and make your career advancement easier.

What core skills are needed?

New horticulturists should have the following abilities:

  • Enjoy working with plants
  • Interested in natural life processes
  • Creativity and craftsmanship
  • Technical and business acumen
  • Spatial imagination
  • Numeracy
  • Good sense of colour and shape
  • Open-mindedness and team spirit
  • Enjoy working with people
  • Language skills
  • Physical fitness and
  • Flexibility.

What sub-disciplines are there?

Potential apprentices in horticulture can choose from among the following sub-disciplines: 

  • Tree nursery
  • Cemetery gardening
  • Garden and landscape construction
  • Vegetable growing
  • Fruit growing
  • Perennial plant growing
  • Ornamental plant growing.

How long does the apprenticeship last?

As a rule, three years. Those who have already completed an apprenticeship or have completed a higher school qualification such as a technical college leaving certificate and upper secondary leaving certificate (Abitur) can reduce the time required. Trainees with exceptional performance can sit the final examination early. Likewise, the training period can be extended if necessary.

When should I apply?

Firms that offer apprenticeships like to fill their openings early. It is advisable to begin applying at the start of your final year of school. If you wish to take action even earlier you can begin gathering experience and contacts with an internship.

What are my later career prospects like?n?

Qualified horticulturists are in demand, whether in for outdoor works, in the greenhouse or on the sales floor. With enough dedication and after advanced training as a master craftsman, technician or agronomist, further interesting fields of endeavour can open up. An apprenticeship as a horticulturist can also be an ideal preparation for university studies in horticulture or landscape architecture.