The horticultural trade is developing rapidly, making lifelong learning indispensable. The following certifications can keep horticulturists current in their profession and well-prepared to meet the challenges of their vocation: 

Horticultural Advisors: Horticultural advivors provide information to clients on the use and care of plants and on proper application of fertilisers and pest control products as well as selling plants, plant products and gardening equipment.

Cemetery Service Advisors: Individuals who have completed an apprenticeship as cemetery horticulturist and acquired one year of work experience are eligible to obtain a qualification as "cemetery service advisors". This qualification focuses on cemetery organisation, care for cemetery common areas and advising customers. 

Management Skills (GZ): The Grünberg Certificate (GZ) in Management Skills offers horticulturists additional training in staff management, effective self-management and contemporary office organisation. Participants also learn to develop marketing strategies to gain more customers. 

Certified Indoor Plant Specialist (GZ): Knowing exactly which plants are suited for brightening indoor spaces and what nutrients they require. The Grünberg Certificate (GZ) for Certified Indoor Plant Specialists clearly demonstrates horticulturists' skills to customers. 

Certified Conservationist and Landscape Caretaker: Identification of habitats requiring protection with their particular diversity of plant and animal species, their management, conservation and care, advising and public relations. 

Qualified Playground Inspector: A Qualified Playground Inspector's duties include inspection of playgrounds after construction and annual inspections. These specialists are able to identify safety problems in playgrounds and playground equipment and recommend further action. 

Safe Playground Specialist: Inspection and maintenance of playgrounds for children is carried out by Safe Playground Specialists. These individuals know exactly what a playground in proper condition should look like. 

Qualified Tree Inspector: These specialists are authorised to conduct tree inspections without supervision. They can identify damage and symptoms of damage to trees, assess the damage and recommend further action.

Courses, conferences, workshops and seminars along with information is provided by:

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