Cemetery horticulturist: creative, not creepy!

Here's what to expect:

Advising and supporting customers

Horticultural planting, design and care of the grave-site

Rotating seasonal planting of graves

Tying wreaths and bouquets

Decorating graves with wintergreen and with long-lasting flower arrangements and vases

Selling plants and services

Provisional outfitting of the grave-site after burial

Work with technical equipment and IT-supported devices

Producing plants and utilising them in a site-appropriate manner


Fun, not spooky

Cemetery horticulturist — so you're thinking you might as well work in a haunted house? If you like things dark and spooky, you really would be better off there. Cemetery horticulturists, you see, not only spend plenty of time in bright sunshine, they also enjoy a very pleasant work environment in other respects: stately trees, blossoming flowers and chirping birds — horror fans will be disappointed, unless they're afraid of friendly grannies.

A space for loving remembrance

Of course it's not just Gran who comes to the cemetery. Many visitors simply enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in these well-tended parks. Because, when you think about it, that's just what a cemetery is: a park that offers a space for fond memories of our loved ones. And that's why visitors have such high regard for cemetery horticulturists, who see that graves are lovingly tended as well as caring for all the other plants growing there. Visitors often ask them for advice or suggestions.

Arrangement and advice are important

People with a creative flair and an ability to put themselves in someone else's shoes will enjoy this job. After all, the days when our loved ones' final resting places were decorated with nothing but pansies or heather are long past. Instead, cemetery horticulturists discuss with the customer which plants might best fit the deceased's personality, or recommend varieties that carry a special meaning in the language of flowers. Mourning floristry preferences are highly individual, and the cemetery horticulturist is always an expert advisor, whether for wreaths, bouquets or arrangements in a vase. Naturally, their work also involves arranging all sorts of garlands and bundles of flowers. It is not only cemetery visitors who appreciate the high quality of their work and of the plants which they often grow themselves.

Video: The Cemetery Horticulturist