Special expertise is needed in the care of golf courses and trees and in nature conservation. Horticulturists with career experience can qualify as agronomists by examination. The courses of instruction for this discipline take several months. They include practical exercises and conclude with an examination. The most important tasks are: 

Agronomist for care of golf courses/greenkeeper: Development, care and maintenance of large golf courses with playing grounds in intensive use together with land kept largely in a state of nature; course management and staff management. 

Agronomist, head greenkeeper: Greenskeepers with three years of career experience and a handicap of 36 can qualify as agronomist, head greenkeeper. This level of qualification in greenkeeping, currently the highest, enables the holder to manage and organise a golf course. 

Agronomist for arboriculture and tree surgery:  Recognising and documenting damage to trees in urban greenery and in the landscape, planning and executing care and treatment measures with attention to nature conservation, occupational safety and traffic safety. 

Agronomist for agricultural direct marketing: Agronomists for agricultural direct marketing analyse, plan and organise ways and means of directly marketing agricultural produce as in-house employees or external consultants. 

Agronomist for natural foods/products: Their knowledge and abilities make agronomists for natural foods and products specialists in marketing eco-products, natural foods and natural products. 

Agronomist-accountant: Agronomist-accountants know the ins and outs of accountancy and tax issues in horticultural firms. They perform bookkeeping, prepare tax returns and provide advice on business management issues such as investments, financing and subsidy programmes.

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